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Horoscope Today | तुमचे रविवारचे राशिभविष्य | 23 जून 2024 | तुमच्या राशीनुसार तुमचा रविवारचा दिवस कसा असेल जाणून घ्या Mutual Fund Scheme | कुटुंबातील लहान मुलांसाठी आहेत या खास म्युच्युअल फंड योजना, बचतीवर मोठा परतावा मिळेल Brand Rahul Gandhi | जो मै बोलता हूं, वो मैं करता हूं! काँग्रेसची सत्ता असलेल्या या राज्यातील शेतकऱ्यांना कर्जमाफी Lease & License Agreement | भाडेकरू कधीही तुमच्या घराचा ताबा घेऊ शकणार नाही, असा तयार करा भाडे करार RVNL Share Price | RVNL ऑर्डर बुकचा आकार अजून वाढला, स्टॉक सुसाट तेजीत वाढणार, पुन्हा मल्टिबॅगर? IREDA Share Price | PSU शेअर रिकव्हरी मोडमध्ये, स्टॉक मोठ्या टार्गेट प्राईसला स्पर्श करणार, फायदा घ्या IRB Infra Share Price | 66 रुपयाचा शेअर खरेदी करा, टेक्निकल चार्टवर मोठे संकेत, मिळणार मोठा परतावा

About Us

About Us

Maharashtranama News is a Leading Marathi Language News Portal, which was launched in 2018. The main aim was to making true analyzing of City, State, India and International news through rational authenticated sources. Starting such a Trusted News portal was the vision of it’s Founder Mr. Sachin Khot and Co-Founder Mr. Mangesh Narayankar.

Fact-Checking Policy:

Maharashtranama News Portal also follows “Fact-Check” process before publishing news especially regarding Government Authorities as per government given authorized official sources like “Press Information Bureau (PIB)”. Fact Check for Social Media Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, ‘The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has created a fact checking unit in order to identify the fake news related to government and its policies circulating on various social media platforms. The fact check unit will have officials from the PIB as well as employees hired on contract to monitor platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to flag news that is fake. PIB took to Twitter and reported the same as mentioned below.

For Fact-Check of content we also follow other advance tool and platforms to verify content. Through following such Fact-Checking guidelines, we have made authenticated footprint in India’s Reputed Political Parties who are used our contents during their public rally speech during Election campaigns. There are many examples but, We have given two Examples where Indian Political Parties used our content during Election Public Rally.

First National Political Party NCP (Nationalist Congress Party):
During Loksabha Election 2019 campaign, Nationalist Congress Party had used our authenticated content during Public Rally and those election rally were LIVE on almost all top Television News Channels. We have given evidence below.

Second Political Party MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena)
During Loksabha Election 2019 campaign, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena had used our authenticated content during Public Rally and those election rally were LIVE on almost all top Television News Channels. We have given evidence below.


Editorial Team Details:

Mr. Sachin Khot is the Founder and Chief Editor in its parent company, Maharashtranama News Network. You can follow him on Twitter.

Mr. Mangesh Narayankar is the Co-Founder and he handles all Technology and developing In-house projects under its parent company Maharashtranama News Network. He also co-ordinate with reporters on field and love to publish articles too. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

Ownership & Funding Details:

Maharashtranama News Network is self-funded and promoted by its founders Mr. Sachin Khot and Mr. Mangesh Narayankar. We do not have any angel investor or Private Equity stake of any company in Maharashtranama News Network. We generate revenue through Ads sources and getting few private voluntary donations from common peoples, who are encouraging us for better Journalism and backing us as a unbiased Media in the country.

Ethics Policy we follow:

1. We always strive for accuracy, give all the relevant facts we have available and ensure that they have been checked on right sources.

2. Our Journalists do no harm. Our publish articles or broadcast may be hurtful, but we are aware about impact of our words and images on the lives of others.

3. Most of stories have at least two sides. While there is no obligation to present every side in every piece, but we care stories should be balanced and add context. Objectivity it is not always possible, and may not always be desirable, but impartial reporting builds trust and confidence among the readers.

4. As we know, Journalists must be independent voices; we should not act, formally or informally, on behalf of special interests whether political, corporate or cultural and we strictly follow these guidelines.

5. A sure sign of professionalism and responsible journalism is the ability to hold ourselves accountable. When we commit errors we must correct them and our expressions of regret must be sincere not cynical. We listen to the concerns of our audience. We may not change what readers write or say but we always try to provide remedies, when we are unfair.

Corrections Policy we Follow:

In journalism, mistakes can and do happen even after the application of due diligence procedures. At Maharashtranama News Network, we do not hesitate to acknowledge them and respond when brought to our notice.

Maharashtranama News Network ‘Fact-Check’ corrects errors as quickly as possible and with high levels of transparency. If the correction is straightforward, we mark the correction within 24 hours of being pointed out. But if the correction involves further investigation or reaching out to people for their reactions, the correction may take up to 72 hours. We value feedback from our readers, which can be posted in the comments section at the end of every story, video or post. The request for a correction could be sent on [email protected]

Maharashtranama News Network also monitors its large presence on social media platforms and welcomes feedback and criticism from our readers or followers. Corrections in typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical errors or minor changes which are not considered significant by editors are not usually noted.

Official Email ID – [email protected]

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